Senin, 26 Agustus 2013

2nd IGN TTRC Confrence “Biodiversity and Biotechnology for Human Life”

Conference report
by Moh Mirza Nuryadi
(Himabio Bacteriophage's Governor)

Exactly on march there is a message in my email which announced about the 2nd IGN TTRC Conference “Biodiversity and Biotechnology for Human Life” in Airlangga University Surabaya in 19-20 August 2013. I’am as a student comitee in jember with my partner Rizki Bagus (Bio10) during 3 month we publish this event to the all faculty in jember university and the other university in jember regency.

There are three category in this conference it contain of oral presentation, Poster session, and passive participant. There are two student who join in poster session for publication the research in international conference ( Leli from farmasi and Arif setiawan from biology). And there iare 7 students who attend this conference as a Passive Participant Zakiyah (Bio’11) Retna (Bio’11) Mirza devara (Bio’11) Vita (Bio’11) Wulan (Bio’11) Renam Putra (Bio’10) And Ika Agus (post Graduated of Bio’08). But there isn’t participant for Oral presentation from jember university, never mind next year I hope more  student from this university will be attend and be oral presentation .

2nd IGN TTRC Confrence there are 9 universities from Indonesia and germany, such as Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), Sepuluh November Technologycal Institute (ITS), Brawijaya University (Malang), Malang State University (Malang) , Samratulangi University (Manado), Jember University, Andalas University (Padang) and of course Kassel Universitat (Germany) that’s all world class university. More knowledge, more experience, more friends , and absolutely we can upgrade our capability in English language as international language. We have more new friend from the other universities like our friends from Manado Thalita Pingkan, Carlo Klein , and Johanna Funk undergraduated student from

Kassel universitat. We can share more thing about the research, how live in german, she is tell us how to arithmetic in german language (Ains, twain, drai, fear, funfh, zeighr, seibhen, argh, noine, tsein) seem like that but I don’t kno exactly how to spell it . We get more new best friend’s there and I hope we can still keep contact.

Last session of the conference is meet the professor session. There’s 4 professor who attend this conference like Prof. Fatchiyah (Brawijaya University), Prof. Bambang Irawan (Airlangga University) Prof. Ari Jamsari (Andalas University) and Prof. Wolfgang Nellen (Kassel Universtat) of course we get more information about the scholarship in Indonesia or in germany such as research project, student exchange, and the master /doctoral scholarship. It’s really amazingly experience in this conference and have to forget it.

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